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IP based attractions we wish existed!

Visitor attractions allow you to experience film, tv, games and books in ways far beyond the screen, bringing your favourite characters or scenes to life. For many years now, theme parks and experiences have incorporated popular brand and IP’s (Intellectual Property) to drive new audience through the doors with recent announcements coming soon including Game Of Thrones and Marvel.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter grew attendance at Universal’s Islands of Adventure by over 70 per cent in its first two years! In our office we’ve been discussing the older/nostalgic IP’s that were never made into a visitor attraction. We’ve picked 3 movies that are at least 10 years old which would still hold their own and make great attractions!

Lord Of The Rings

Now THIS is something that all middle earth fans have been wishing for since we first saw it on the big screen. It has been rumoured for years (nothing official!) that Universal were working on concepts for a LOTR attraction or entire land. But could we see this timeless IP become a reality any time soon? 

There are ENDLESS attraction possibilities. Visually and technologically, you couldn’t wish for more creative ammunition. Where on middle earth would you even begin!? We have a few starting places:

'The Shire' (The Land): Bringing to life the picturesque rolling hills of the shire!

Hobbiton Movie Set Tours does exist, but not everyone wants to travel to New Zealand to see it, so why not make this into a themed area for an overnight stay at a park and book a night in the shire? Your very own hobbit hole! Guests could grab a tea or an ale in time to watch Gandalf’s famous firework display on the evening. This really screams to us as a perfect hospitality and F&B opportunity. Would you like to stay in the shire for a few nights?

'The Mines Of Moria' (The Ride): “Fly you fools” could be just what’s needed! Recreating the infamous escape from Moria in an action packed 'robocoaster' experience. Similar to the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey attraction at Universal Studios, the multi-levelled environment of the mines and fast paced escape/battle with the Balrog could be just the ticket for thrill seekers? 

'The Lonely Mountain' (The Ride):

We couldn’t leave The Hobbit out now could we? A quest to retrieve the Arkenstone or escape the wrath of Smaug is a no-brainer. An epic adventure through the rich gold depths of Erebor is ideal for a motion coaster or VR experience. 

Space Jam

EVERYBODY GET UP ITS TIME TO SLAM NOW! Nostalgia or what? Space Jam is a film our studio certainly enjoyed while growing up. But there was never an attraction or experience associated to it. With Space Jam 2 (A New Legacy) set for release in 2021, this is the perfect time to revisit much simpler times where we would watch the looney tunes play basketball with Michael Jordan. Will Lebron James step it up for Space Jam 2?

'Return to Moron Mountain' (The Ride): Yes the original movie concept is based around a basketball game to keep the Looney Tunes out of a failed intergalactic theme park! But what if we took our own spin on this and returned to Mr Swackhammer’s ‘Moron Mountain’ with a basketball in hand, taking back the powers of NBA players - We'd imagine this as an indoor rollercoaster with a very similar use of neon sets, lighting and strobes as the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Here's a quick concept we worked up!

'Nerdluck Blast' (The Ride):

The nerdlucks are the tiny race of aliens who indulge Swackhammers every desire. As a family attraction it would be fun to join them

in an interactive 4D/VR shooter ride with their iconic ray guns as they board their spaceship and blast through moving targets to capture the Looney Tunes. The Looney Tunes are avoiding capture while planting traps and running circles around the incompetent aliens.

'Toon Squad Academy' (VR Experience): Attractions don’t always have to be ride based. How about a VR experience that would offer you to shoot with Lebron James? That would be pretty cool right? Your favourite Looney Tunes characters, Lebron James and yourself training on the basketball court using unique, auto sensory virtual reality technology. Would you make the cut for the Tune Squad?

‘UP’ (Pixar)

A movie that’s a favourite amongst our team! A visually stunning Pixar masterpiece. The movie centres around Carl and Russell tying thousands of balloons to Carls house, setting out to fulfil his dream to see the wilds of Paradise Falls and complete a promise made to his late wife, Ellie.

All styles of attractions come to mind with this incredible story! From a flight simulation soaring above the clouds inside Carl's house, to a rollercoaster replicating jumping on the back of a snipe. Even a childs river ride to earn explorer badges and discover other mythical and fictional creatures along the way!

'The Journey To Paradise Falls' (The Ride): The idea of re-imagineering ‘Soarin’ which currently features at Epcot, Disney World Orlando, California and Shanghai . A mechanical lift system that simulates a gliding flight, a perfect match! The potential for an ‘UP' inspired ride here is fantastic, joining on an adventure with Russel and Carl, loading up the balloons and taking a trip to the legendary Paradise Falls. The scenes with the flying house and discoveries en-route could be breathtaking and a ride that all ages could enjoy!

'Escape With Kevin' (The Ride): More of a thrill ride, A rollercoaster where guests hop on the back of a snipe (Kevin) and race through the tropical rain forests of Venezuela escaping the pack of aggressive dogs led by the doberman pinscher (Alpha) - Now that would be fun!

'Paradise Falls; River Adventure' (The Ride):

Theres one more 'badge' Russell needs to collect, will you help him and join on his adventure log flume style ride where guests can discover other mythical and fictional creatures alongside Kevin, with the ride concluding plummeting down the famous ‘paradise falls’.


It’s your turn! What IP would you like to see be developed into a visitor attraction or ride?


*Disclaimer: No ideas have been endorsed by any IP's, nor do we own any imagery. A simple bit of office fun!*

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