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Qwest Indoor Advenures

The Curse of Davy Jones

Live action Escape Experience

A brand new indoor adventure experience with a twist! Qwest approached Imaginize to design two fully immersive indoor themed experiences in France. The first? An epic Pirate adventure whereby players must discover the secrets of Davy Jones, collect cursed treasure and escape the clutches of a haunted ship! With your teammates, you will have to thwart the various traps and solve the puzzles, scattered on board the ship, and manage to reach the treasure cave.

We delivered:
Concept Art

3D Design
Schematic Design
Puzzle Design
Graphics & Artwork

Qwest Indoor Adventures

The Brief

We had a blank page! Our team crafted an engaging storyline that would make players a key part of the journey. Each puzzle and challenge was designed from scratch to cater for the clients throughput and guest flow requirements. Our concept design team worked closely with the project manufacturers to create a highly immersive and sensory experience, communicating each stage of the guest journey with high detail, creativity and  technical awareness. 

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